The feeling when none of the 30 selfies you take is good enough

Isn’t it frustrating and painful, when we are thinking how great we must look in that dress or in that outfit, and after taking 30 selfies we feel defeated because we look so unattractive in those pictures that we are embarrassed to share them?

It rarely happens to me nowadays because I do take care of myself now and I do follow my own advice and training. But it did happen to me the other day…

It was a really hot day and I was wearing my workout shorts and sports bra for my morning dose of exercises. I was feeling really great about myself so I thought I’d take a picture of my sexy self to possibly share on social media. Let me tell you that it was not a good idea at all because it just ruined my mood and I felt so unfit and unattractive. I was even thinking that I might be going backwards and putting weight on again. I was seeing all the flabby bits sticking out from the shorts and my stomach didn’t look near as flat as the day before. What a disappointment!

I’ve tried different angles and different lighting but nothing worked and the more I was trying the worse I was feeling. Ha! Lucky for me I know how to change my mind set!

I took the shorts off and made a photo in my pants instead. Yes, it might sound insane right now but you’d be surprised how much difference that one piece of your clothes can make. And no I didn’t think about sharing that photo on social media. I took that picture just for myself to see the difference. I realised that shorts really never suited my figure so it really shouldn’t surprise me.

I did keep the photo in my shorts and sports bra to see if maybe one day there will be a difference, as the other thing I have realised is, that I am still on my journey. I do know what I am doing now and I know how to help other women to get in their best shape but I am not at the end of my own journey yet.

Instead of judging the selfie I thought about how far I have come and what I have achieved so far. I have lost 10kg and went from tight size 14 to a comfortable 12. I can wear tight clothes again which flatter my curvy figure instead of the buggy ones trying to hide the unattractive imperfections I was so self-conscious about. I have more energy, much clearer and focused mind and all my pains and aches have gone. I gained a lot of flexibility and I can do a headstand!

My happiness, motivation, positivity and energy is infectious and rubs off on people around me. My family benefits from the changes and I am very passionate to help other women find the same because we deserve to have time for ourselves and we can embrace our powerful feminine side even in the motherhood.

Every step you make towards a positive change is a win. Our life is a journey and so is the relationship we are developing with our own body and mind. If you drink half a litre of water more than you did a week ago, if you dance around your kitchen for 10 mins every day, if you can look in the mirror and see the beauty within you, you are already a winner because you are not sitting around waiting for miracles to happen, you are making the changes and taking the control of your body and mind.

I believe in the transformation for the lifetime not just for the season.

Tereza xx

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Tereza Szaladi

Tereza Szaladi

I am a Personal Trainer. I help mums get foxy fit and full of energy by teaching them how to create sustainable and life-changing healthy habits and exercise routines fitting their lifestyle so they can thrive with energy, happiness and confident body image.

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