Gemma Garbett

I have been working with Tereza and I have really felt the benefits in my energy levels. Tereza has been amazing helping me in between sessions, coming up with a plan to work on the areas that I want to focus on and also being really encouraging. Embrace the burn is now my new mantra.

I am naturally lazy, I hate exercise, but having someone there as my cheerleader has made a massive difference. Tereza has supported my 100%. Part of the work we did was to increase my water intake to make it a daily habit and Tereza’s daily habit emails have really helped. Water drinking is now more natural to me.

I highly recommend Tereza and her program, so if you are sitting on the fence and need a little push, then this is it!

Published by Tereza Szalai

I am a Personal Trainer. I help mums get foxy fit and full of energy by teaching them how to create sustainable and life-changing healthy habits and exercise routines fitting their lifestyle so they can thrive with energy, happiness and confident body image.