Recipe Packs

Who doesn’t love a recipe book full of ideas and healthy options right?

We can get so stuck in our habits and stick to food which we know and it can get very boring and nutritionally poor.

Those recipe packs are packed with nutrition and not just that but also illustrated with beautiful mouth watering pictures.

Every recipe pack has got:

  • 40+ recipes with pictures
  • 2 weekly meal planners
  • 2 shopping lists
  • macro nutrients calculated (protein, carbs, fat)
  • keys to tell you if it is meal prep/freezer friendly, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, quick (under 30mins), contains nuts, high-protein, low carb
  • MyFitnessPal bar code for easy calories tracking

I have 4 different recipe packs to choose from:

  • High Protein Recipe Pack
  • Plant Based Recipe Pack
  • Low Carbs Recipe Pack
  • Vegan Recipe Pack

They can also be purchased in a bundle of 2 of your choice for £29 or in the full bundle for £57 (for all 4 packs).

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