Quick healthy meals to stop you snacking all day

The biggest struggle is to make quick healthy meals. It’s much easier to get the biscuits or crisps from the cupboard.

As a mum working from home and being in charge of your own time it’s very easy to book calls back to back without even a thought about fitting the lunch in.

If you have been in an employment before you most likely got a whole hour break for your lunch.

Suddenly there is nobody telling you to take a lunch break and you have access to food all day long. 

Having toast or cereal in the morning before the school run and grabbing a sandwich for lunch between calls is not cutting it for you and you feel hungry and peckish. 

Nuts, biscuits and crisps might come in handy to get you through the day with milky tea and coffee.  But are those the best choices? 

All this food makes you feel heavy, bloated, fatigued and overweight.

There are two reasons for constantly reaching out for snacks.

  1. Not enough nutrition in your meals so your body is hungry even if you’ve eaten already.
  2. It’s a habit. You are just reaching out into your cupboard to stick something into your mouth without even thinking about it because you are used to doing it.

What can help you change this?

I have two tips you can start implementing today which will help you stop snacking all day.

The first one is: Nutritious meals

Make sure that you get as much nutrition into your main meals to keep your body satisfied and full for hours. 

I know that most of the women struggle with making fast healthy meals. 

Here is what you can do:

Look around for companies which deliver boxes of ingredients with meal recipes so you can make dinners or lunches from scratch in an easy way.

There are some really good companies out there like Gusto (I’ve heard a lot of great things about them and their meals).

Maybe there are even possibilities to have already made healthy meals delivered straight to your door to save you time making them.

If you want to make healthy meals yourself try to put all or most of the following on your plate:

  • Vegetables – the more colours the better
  • Whole Grains – brown rice or pasta, chickpeas, lentils, quinoa, beans
  • Good fats – nuts, seeds, fish, dressings from cold pressed nut, seeds or olive oil, avocado
  • Meat, eggs and cheese is optional

Quick tips on how to create fast healthy meals by putting the above things together into a meal:

Cook more brown rice, than you would normally eat, and keep it in the fridge for 4 days. 

You can then throw it into stir-fries or roasted veg. 

Get pre-cooked chickpeas, lentils, quinoa and beans. Check that there are no additives on the labels. 

I recommend getting a very simple steamer for steaming veg. You can throw any of the whole grains into the steamer with the veg to warm it up. Then just pour a dressing over it all. 

Roast or steam your veg with a bit of salt and a drizzle of olive oil. Don’t overcook it. It should still have a nice bite and texture to it. 

Nobody likes mushy veg. 

You can always keep already boiled eggs in the fridge to add them to your quick healthy meals as well. 

Sprinkle nuts or seeds on the top and voila! 

You have a quick healthy meal in 15 mins. 

Fast healthy meals - brown rice with green veggies
Fast healthy meal – brown rice with green veggies

Tips to have healthy meals without having to make three different dishes for the whole family

If your children and partner eat only pasta, potatoes and bread here is what you can do.

Put a bigger portion of vegetables on your plate. And instead of the pasta have a warmed up pre-cooked brown rice, quinoa, chickpeas or lentils. 

You can get most of those foods from your local supermarket. Just make sure that you read the labels. 

You don’t want any additives in your food. They usually have just 4 ingredients plus spices. 

If you don’t understand what the word on the ingredients list means it’s most likely not good for you. 

The second thing to change the constant snacking is:


Is snacking a habit? Are you used to having a biscuit or something to munch with every cuppa? 

Most of the time we just grab something from the cupboard without even thinking about it. 

Or we eat kids leftovers.

The only way to stop snacking out of the habit is by asking yourself a couple of questions:

Am I hungry?

Do I really want this?

If you are having nutritious meals and staying hydrated I guarantee that most of the time you’ll say ‘no’ to both.

Do your children eat dinner if they snack all day?

It’s the same with you. You won’t be hungry when the dinner time comes but you will eat it anyway because it’s time for dinner. 

You are having all the extra calories which are causing your rapid weight gain. And you are not giving your digestive system a rest, causing a lot of problems in your body. 

How important is your health to you? How important is the quality of your life important to you?

We are mums and we don’t have just ourselves to take care of. Other human beings are relying on us so we need to take care of ourselves to be able to take care of others. 

You can start by making the tweaks to your eating habits with the tips in this blog.

If you’d like help creating and embedding your healthy habits with a personalised advice click here for online services and here for local services to see how we can work together.

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Tereza Szaladi

Tereza Szaladi

I am a Personal Trainer. I help mums get foxy fit and full of energy by teaching them how to create sustainable and life-changing healthy habits and exercise routines fitting their lifestyle so they can thrive with energy, happiness and confident body image.

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