Personal Training Gloucester

I offer two services locally:

  • Group classes in Kingsway Community Centre for women
  • Private Personal Training for women to help them get foxy fit from home

See more details for each below.


Group Personal Training in Kingsway Community Centre for women. Especially suited for mums.

£9 per class



Do you want to get back to being healthy and fit again?

Are you fed up with the way you feel and look?

No time for gym and don’t want to live on salads?

I can help!

I’ll come to visit you into your home for 30 mins workouts. I don’t mind kids being around if they let you do the exercises.

We’ll talk about your nutrition and healthy habits and create a plan fitting your lifestyle.

No drastic changes and no torturing scales.

I’ll teach you about what your body really needs and how you can look after yourself without restrictive diets which would keep you in the yo-yo circle.

I have been there so I get where you are right now and how important it is to meet you where you are at.

Does this sound amazing?

Don’t take just my word for it and have a look what my clients have to say.


“Personally in the last few years I have gained a lot of weight, and now I’m the biggest I’ve ever been.

It’s hard, physically and mentally!

I have tried every diet there is and I’ve joined countless gyms but I never stick at it.

Working with Tereza has been incredible. She is helping me build healthy habits and changing the way I think and feel about myself.

4 weeks ago I was suffering with awful headaches and I literally had no energy… which is rubbish when work full time, study part time and a single parent.

But now I can hand on heart say that’s changed.

I have a long way to go until I’m my ideal weight but with Tereza there’s no pressure.

She gets it!!

As I work out, I have my son climbing on my back or calling me to have his bottom wiped but it doesn’t matter as she includes it into the workout!!

I have never (ever) been a fan of exercise but I am finding I want to do more and more… this has never happened!

Tereza comes to me three times a week but more importantly at the end of the phone if I need her… especially when I’m about to make an unhealthy choice!

I’m not ready to let Tereza go yet. I want to ensure I have this new healthy lifestyle embedded.

I highly recommend Tereza, she is fun, full of energy and positive but most importantly she has been in this exact same situation and is now very much on the other side helping others!

5 stars from me” Gemma White

Gemma was dropping cm’s off her thighs, bum, waist and arms every week after month two. We started measuring those after this review which was a month into our sessions.

Book your call with me to arrange a chat about the private Personal Training below or message me via my Contact page

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