Online Personal Training

Bespoke Personal Training & Support Designed FOR YOU

  • Detailed individual consultation
  • Personalised plan 
  • Weekly workout plans
  • Healthy habits tweaking
  • Access to the Foxy Workout library with short HIIT (fat burning) and body toning workouts 24/7
  • Weekly consultations about your nutrition, healthy habits and your progress

Hand-holding you through everything you need to get


For Just £120 per month





Online Personal Training is for women who want to lose weight and get foxy fit, strong and healthy from the comfort of their own home without spending hours in the gym or exercise classes and without living on salads.

Do you sit at your desk most of your days and feel like you don’t have much time for yourself?

Are you exhausted by the time the kids get back home from school?

Have you been dragging yourself out of bed every morning thinking you can’t be bothered to make yourself a proper breakfast? Just concentrating on getting kids dressed, fed and off to school.

Coffee and a cake will fix it…. but then the awful feeling of exhaustion hits after lunch. Oh well, I’ll just have another coffee with a biscuit. I’ll grab something on the go.

Would you like to lose weight but don’t have the time, energy or motivation? And you don’t want to do a depriving diet because you’ve tried that before and end up even bigger and more exhausted.

Do you feel embarrassed going for a run because of the way people look at you or the nasty comments they make? Do you avoid workout classes and gyms because they make you feel intimidated and stressed out?

If so…

I can help you get yourself, your body and your confidence back.

As a qualified Personal Trainer, I combine my real life experience with my professional training, giving you everything you need to be foxy!

If you’re fed up with feeling rubbish about yourself and crave a positive change, book a call below. We’ll have a no-obligation chat about how I can put a personalised, realistic and fun program together for you.

Maybe you have no time for gyms.

Maybe you feel like you don’t have enough willpower to stick to diets.

With me you don’t need any of that.

We’ll focus on all your healthy habits – sleep, hydration, nutrition and exercise – to increase your energy and motivation to create healthy meals and move more.


All the healthy habits affect each other and it will show in your daily life. 


I’ll teach you how your body works and you learn to trust your own intuition and judgment about healthy choices.

You are not investing just into 3 months of workouts and sessions. You are investing into your own health and future because what you learn will stay with you and will keep bringing the results you want. 


Getting slimmer, firmer, more flexible, energetic and happy – foxy fit! 

What Will You Get?

You will get me in your corner as a qualified personal trainer and your own personal cheerleader!

In the Foxy Coaching:

  • Detailed individual consultation
  • Personalised plan 
  • Weekly workout plans
  • Healthy habit tweaking
  • Access to the Foxy Workout library with short HIIT (fat burning) and body toning workouts 24/7
  • Weekly consultations about your nutrition, healthy habits and your progress

I’ll be your best friend for as long as you need me to and your personal cheerleader to help you embed the healthy habits into your life with ease as fast as possible.

We will review your progress every month and you decide whether you want to keep going.

The foxy body is just a cherry on the top.

Online Personal Training for £120 per month


Book a FREE call now to make sure that this is the right option for you and begin your journey to a FOXY new you!

Tereza Szalai

Hi, I am Tereza. A mum to a 5 year old boy and a Personal Trainer. 

I went from overweight and depressed zombie mum to a foxy fit lady within a few months. It hasn’t happened overnight. 

I started by replacing my breakfast cake for a better meal and doing 5 mins yoga stretches every morning in my underwear with my 2 year old climbing all over me. 

Small tweaks and continuous changes got me where I am today and I’ve learnt how to stay this way too. Mainly because of the knowledge I learnt through the Personal Training Diploma and the experience by working with my own Personal Trainer.

Now I teach other mums who want to get themselves back how to get foxy fit while being busy with life and stay that way.

I love dark chocolate, pizza and pink gin. 

I believe that we create our own happiness, health and foxiness and I am here to help you get there.