Foxy Fierce Hour 🔥🦊

What is it?

A consultation about your healthy habits and exercise routines. Setting up a plan with doable steps you can work on by yourself.

Why would you want it?

To increase your energy and productivity. To feel healthier and reduce your stress and anxiety. To look after yourself and lose weight if needed. To adapt healthier lifestyle.

Who is it for?

Busy mums who work on their own business, looking after their clients, household and kids. For the mums who don’t have time for gyms and don’t have willpower to stick to the depriving diets. For the women who want to feel like themselves again and who are thinking about getting back to exercise.

Who am I?

A mum who is juggling family, household, business and a 5 year old while making sure that I keep taking care of myself. I am also a certified Personal Trainer with CPD in Hydration and Body Weight Training.

What do you get?

A personalised plan with the 4 healthy habits which increase your energy, productivity, focus, confidence and reduce stress and emotional rollercoasters.

The control over your own energy levels and the way you feel about yourself. The confidence to create a healthy lifestyle without any drastic changes, yo-yo dieting or uncomfortable restrictions.

How much is it and how do you get it?

My Foxy Fierce Hour is £99. It’s a Zoom call which will be recorded and sent to you afterwards.

Book your Foxy Fierce Hour below.

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