Hi. I am Tereza Szalai, a Certified Personal Trainer from Gloucester

I help women on the go become strong, healthy and foxy by teaching them how to create the perfect exercise routines and healthy habits to fit their lifestyle.

I give them the right information to make their own informed choices and support them every step of the way to incorporate the changes into their daily lives straight away without having to wait for ‘the right moment’.

I draw from my own experience as a mum, who used to be overwhelmed, anxious, unmotivated, unhappy and disconnected with my own body keeping my old smaller-sized clothes at the bottom of my drawers. They fit me now and I feel like I have new clothes again without having to shop for them. LoL

I have also learnt about how our body really works biologically and what it really needs when I was studying my Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Body Weight Training and Hydration diplomas.

“I believe in transformation for the lifetime not just for the season.”

And this is why my approach is easy and family friendly adapting one new habit at the time so they can become a sustainable part of your lifestyle.

I have also invested into my own Personal Trainer who has shared his knowledge and experience with me and I could see the changes in my own body when I was implementing all that I was learning.

But the biggest challenge came when the Covid hit and we went in the lock down. No gyms and places to exercise other than home. No accountability and need to keep that attractive body as nobody could see it anyway right?

I have faced big questions…. How to stay motivated was the biggest one of them all. Because when you know what you really really want you find the way to get it.

The second one was what kind of plan to make for myself? I know how things work but what options do I have and what can I actually do?

It took me a few months before I nailed a perfect Fit Care routine for myself. Without depriving diets and without time consuming workouts. My energy went through the roof and I haven’t put any weight on. And without much of an effort actually.

That’s where Foxy Fit Care got born as I am so excited about sharing everything I have learnt with all the women in the world so they can unleash their energy and strength and get foxy from home and without depriving diets and punishing workouts.

Creating short but very effective workouts for the ladies in my exercise group has given me a great insight into which combination of workout routines brings the best results with the least effort. While tweaking the eating habits and creating the awareness of the rest of our healthy routines which play a huge role in our wellbeing and the storage of fat in our body.

If you’d like to find out how to work with me on creating your perfect Fit Care routines get in touch and we can have a chat 🙂

I love pizza, most of the time I make my own. I also make my own bread. I love dark chocolate and fast nutritious meals without having to spend half a day in the kitchen. I am lucky because my husband is a chef. I have learnt a lot from him about the simplicity in the ingredients and what really makes food tasty. I eat pancakes for breakfast every day!

I try to fit exercise into my daily life in all the places and in random situations like when we go for family walks, when I meet my friend in the park with the kids or just when I feel like dropping everything and giving my body some love with movement for 20-30 mins. I enjoy HIIT, body toning workouts with or without a mini resistance band and yoga. My son loves joining me too.

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