Who Is Tereza Szalai?

I am a Personal Trainer with a twist.

I am Foxy Lady who helps mums become strong, healthy and foxy from home with short effective workouts and the creation of healthy habits.

I don’t work in the gym or with weights. I don’t drill people and I don’t push.

I do Foxy nagging on request.

I am not perfect. I am just an ordinary mum who is trying to juggle household, a 5 year old, a business, a family and life.

My house gets messy and I record workouts in my kitchen. Unlike other ‘perfect’ exercising videos which are made in villas, on the beach front or in a fitness studio (although I do want one).

I love pizza, dark chocolate and pink gin. I cry at Disney movies even when I watch them for the 50th time and I love playing video games with my boy.

I am on the mission to encourage every mum to take care of herself and put herself on the top of her list so she can thrive with energy, happiness and body confidence which will reflect in all areas of her life.

I am offering a solution to those women who find gyms intimidating and feel ashamed and inadequate in exercise classes full of people.

No depriving diets and no long hardcore workouts.

I believe in the transformation for the lifetime, not just for the season.


Life is better when you’re having fun! A healthy lifestyle is more maintainable if you enjoy it. Fun is central to the Foxy way.


No one wants an over-complicated life. The same is true for fitness and healthy meals. Keeping it simple makes it easier and more fun to get and stay Foxy fit and healthy.


I care and I lead with compassion which I strongly encourage you to have for yourself when you are creating new healthy habits. It’s not a straight road to success and being kind to yourself means not beating yourself up for every slip up.

Are We The Right Fit?

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Hi, I am Tereza.

This is my story about how I overcame depression and anxiety.

I went from being the biggest I’ve ever been to becoming strong and loving my body.

From living in fear of not being good enough to feeling confident and in control of my life.

I became a mum and I lost myself.

My baby wanted to be held all of the time, didn’t sleep well and fed every hour… I felt like a milking cow.

I didn’t know where or how to fit in anymore.

I had to leave my job and not contributing financially to the household made me feel like a failure.

My values and priorities were changing.

The way I viewed the world was being changed by my son and I loved the way he helped me to grow.

But I didn’t know where I belonged and what my role was as a woman anymore.

I’m not ‘just’ a mum. I’m a woman with needs and dreams.

I wanted to take my power back!

When my son was two I developed anxiety. I had depression too.

I was too scared to admit it because of the reaction I might get and I didn’t want to take any medication.

My parents had encouraged me to do sports throughout my childhood so I knew how good being active and looking after my body made me feel.

I needed to get back into exercise.

I needed to start slow.

My exercise journey began on a mat, in my bedroom, doing yoga stretches every morning for 5-10 mins.

My son climbed on me and under me. It was very frustrating at times, but I could feel the benefits really fast.

It boosted my confidence.

I began to make better food choices, not perfect but better.

The better I was feeling the more workouts I was adding.

My son got his own mat and we started exercising together.

I was feeling so good about myself.

The impact it had on my mental wellbeing, my confidence, my happiness, my family and my life was so huge that I suddenly realised I found my purpose again.

I wanted to help other women become strong, healthy and foxy so they could feel empowered and confident in their own skin.

I joined a gym and got a Personal Trainer while I was studying to be a Personal Trainer myself.

I’ve learnt that taking care of myself doesn’t mean just having a bath and a moment alone on the toilet.

By taking care of my own needs, by exercising, eating and sleeping well, I have more energy, happiness, positivity and motivation to share with my family and everyone around me.

I have become much more confident embracing all of my imperfections and loving myself just as I am and accepting my body.

Even though my breasts aren’t as perky as they used to be, my stomach is slightly looser, I have a C-section scar and stretchmarks in places, I am a beautiful woman.

I am foxy!

I want the same for you.

That’s why I will always say that self-care is not selfish.

It is essential for us to be thriving and not just surviving.

You have the power to thrive in life. Just know that the change always starts with you 💗


Grab Your FREE Foxy Fit Care Planner NOW!

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Grab Your FREE Foxy Fit Care Planner NOW!

INCLUDES a bonus 15 minute workout if you sign up now…