Getting Foxy with Fit Care

I am on the mission to help women on the go to become healthy, strong and foxy. I do that by teaching them how to create the best exercise routines and healthy habits so they can feel empowered and confident in their own skin.

One habit at the time…

Would you like to get your free Foxy Fit Care Planner with 4 healthy habits so you can set your own doable steps and start working towards having more energy day to day, feeling healthy and confident in your own skin and get foxy?

We can lose the sight of the importance of our own self care and run ourselves down for others, especially mums. Our babies and our families become a priority and we don’t care much about our own sleep, eating habits, hydration and the release of the tension built up on our shoulders with constant worry.

When that first baby comes, it’s like we are thrown into a deep water and told to learn to swim on the spot. So we go into a survival mode which then becomes our habit and the routines we adapted are a new way of life for us.

When we lose control and the life has taken over

One day we look into the mirror and see a bigger and older version of ourselves.

We find out that most of our clothes don’t fit us anymore.

We stop appearing in family photos, uncomfortable about the way we look.

We start wondering if having constant headaches, aches and pains, brain fog, low libido and energy is our life from now on.

Is that it? Is this how we are meant to be feeling for the rest of our life? Are we going through early menopause? (Well, that was my question at the age of 35 having hot flashes and all the menopause symptoms lol)

The answer is “Definitely not!”

I turned my life around within six months, so can you. And even faster with my support and with an open mind to make changes in your daily Fit Care routines = Fitness and self care.

What you can expect to get from working with me

My coaching is based on guiding you into building or tweaking your daily healthy habits and exercise routines suitable for your lifestyle without separating you from your family, creating stronger bonds not just with your loved ones but most importantly with yourself.

Finding a new strength and balance within yourself making your life happier, easier and full of positive laugh out loud moments. The attractive body which comes with it is just a bonus 😉

My mission is to help you thrive with energy, youthful glow and confident body image so you fell in love with life and with yourself positively affecting all people around you.

“I believe in the transformation for the lifetime not just for the season.” Tereza Szalai

A great workout in our garden. My son joins me sometimes and the other times he finds things to throw at me making it even more challenging. It still doesn’t stop me working hard on those exercise moves 🙂

”Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you”

Katie Reed


Online Foxy Coaching

3 months £996 (payment plan available)

Adapted to your needs and availability finding the best exercise routines and supporting you in creating healthy habits fitting your lifestyle. It’s perfect for a high accountability and personal approach, learning and tweaking your routines every week until they become healthy habits which last you a lifetime. Get foxy fit with my full support on your own terms.

Foxy Membership £37

Foxy membership with the Workouts Library of many different 10- 30 mins long workouts and the Healthy Habits Building Program. It is also a supportive and inspiring community of Foxy Ladies who can share their achievements and struggles in a safe space. Monthly membership is £37.

Foxy Fierce Hour £99

Recorded chat about your healthy habits and a bespoke plan to help you start creating your life changing healthy lifestyle. Do you have an event to prepare for? Do you want to feel energetic, lively and foxy fit? Let’s make a foxy plan for you!

How can I help you?

Are you wondering if this is the right answer for you?

Are you feeling exhausted with no energy or motivation to manage your day?

Are you losing patience fast with your kids and in every day situations?

Do you not like your own body? Is most of your clothes in your wardrobe not fitting anymore?

Do you not have time or inclination for long running sessions or gym workouts (not mentioning the time to travel there)?

If there is one thing I could help you with right now which would make a difference in your life what would it be?

Every little thing matters. You matter and I care!

Tereza Szalai

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