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Are you feeling fatigued, suffering with aches and feeling like an old woman unable to even bend over?

Would you like to lose weight but don’t have the time, energy or motivation to exercise or make healthy meals?

Is your wardrobe full of clothes but none of them are fitting anymore?

Would you like to be fit, active and healthy even in your thirties and forties?

It’s time to start taking care of yourself again and get your body and yourself back!

My mission is to help tired and unfit mums get foxy fit, healthy and full of energy. I do that by helping them create healthy habits and exercise routines fitting their lifestyle which is sustainable and positively affects every aspect of their life.

Transformation for a lifetime not just for a season.

It’s easy to lose sight of the importance of our own self care and run ourselves down for others.

Our babies and our families become the priority.

We don’t care much about our own sleep, eating habits, hydration or the release of the tension built up with constant worry and guilt.

When that first baby comes, it’s like we are thrown into deep water and told to swim on the spot.

We go into the survival mode which then becomes our habit and the routines we adapt become a new way of life for us. 

We get used to feeling like crap every day and accept it as the norm for mums.

We don’t even realise that it could be any other way – sleep deprived, aching, fatigued and possibly overweight. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

We can be foxy fit, full of energy and healthy mums – and grandmas one day.

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When we lose control and life takes over...

One day we look into the mirror and see a bigger and older version of ourselves.

We find out that most of our clothes don’t fit us anymore.

We stop appearing in family photos, uncomfortable about the way we look.

We start wondering if having constant headaches, aches and pains, brain fog, low libido and energy is our life from now on.

Is that it? Is this how I am meant to be feeling for the rest of my life?

Am I going through early menopause? (Well, that was my question at the age of 35 having hot flashes and all the menopause symptoms lol)

The answer is “Definitely not!”

I turned my life around within six months, so can you. And even faster with my support and with an open mind to make changes in your daily routines.

“I believe in the transformation for the lifetime not just for the season.” 

Tereza Szalai

What To Expect From Entering The Foxy Fit World

I am a Personal Trainer and I use my knowledge of exercise, workouts and training (they are all a different thing) to help you increase energy and stamina, to make your muscles stronger and make your body look firm and toned up as you burn fat and reveal those nice foxy curves you’ve been working on.  

The right exercise together with the right nutrition brings amazing results pretty fast.

The right exercise together with the right nutrition brings amazing results pretty fast.




It’s not just about the workouts and nutrition.

It’s not just about the workouts and nutrition.

There are other components which are essential for your energy levels, focus, motivation and the function of your body. 

Without those, the exercise and motivation to eat healthy is mostly a struggle and pushing through willpower. 





My coaching is based on helping you build and tweak your daily healthy habits and exercise routines and embed them into your lifestyle without separating you from your family, creating stronger bonds not just with your loved ones but most importantly with yourself.




It’s not about sacrificing something for working on your health and fitness. It’s about creating healthy habits as a part of your life and making it your lifestyle rather than a temporary boot camp thing. 

My goal is to help you feel confident in your daily choices and in control of your own health, energy levels and fitness so you can do it all by yourself without needing any diet or fast weight loss boot camp again.

It’s not about following some rules blindly. It’s about learning how your body works and reconnecting to it so you can confidently follow the signals it’s sending you.

In a healthy body lives a healthy mind.

In a healthy body lives a health mind.

Who Wants To Get FOXY Fit?

Online Personal Training

Online services are for women who are very tight on time and are not comfortable exercising in the room full of people. They are not keen to join boot camps or do any drastic changes in their life right now.

They want short personalised exercise routines and tweak their healthy habits with someone keeping them accountable and supported throughout.

Local Personal Training in Gloucester

Local women want to have face to face contact and do the workouts with the Personal Trainer. However they don’t want to go to the gym for an hour, don’t like lifting weights, don’t like long workouts. 

They are looking for someone to come to their home to save them time. Or they want to get fit with their friend – outdoors, at home or in a private studio. 

A Bit About Me...

Tereza Szalai

Hi, I am Tereza, a Personal Trainer and a mum 🙂 I have left an office based career and took a new professional path so I can support and encourage mums to take care of themselves, helping them to get the attractive body they want, gain energy and relieve the stress and aches they are suffering with.